Top 10 Things to Do In Bed This Christmas

We've come up with a list of alternative bedroom activities to put you in the holiday spirit!
11/02/2012 12:44 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

No longer do stores wait for Thanksgiving to have its 15 minutes of fame before holiday decorations and Christmas trees are out. In many places, holiday music is in the music player, holiday catalogs are in the mail and the gift lists are already being compiled. Those who plan way ahead may already have their shopping done. The rest of us would rather just crawl into bed and take a nap with our new hubbies.

Well, we've come up with a list of alternative bedroom activities to put you in the holiday spirit!

10. Play a Christmas themed board game in your PJs. Everything from A Christmas Story monopoly to Gift Trap is available and will help you connect with the child inside both of you.

9. Open tiny surprise Christmas Eve gifts. Create a tradition where you give each other small, silly or special gifts the night before Christmas. Gifts can range from golf balls to diamonds and allow you to have private time together before the hubbub of a family holiday.

8. Cuddle up and watch the snow fall. Seriously. Climb into bed with mugs of hot cocoa and watch winter in action. You will instantly feel more relaxed and hopefully can rid your mind of the incessant holiday music blasted at malls across America!

7. Play naughty Santa. Add a saucy little number to your Christmas shopping list and surprise your spouse with some "holiday spirit"!

6. Drift off to sleep with visions of sugar plums dancing through your head I wasn't sure exactly what a sugar plum was, so here's the scoop so you know exactly what you're dreaming about.

5. Give and receive a scented massage. Work out the kinks left over from fighting mall madness, hunching as you wrap gifts and standing in endless lines. Bonus points if you use a holiday scented oil such as sugar cookie or fir!

4. Watch Holiday Specials and Movies. Whether you're relaxing on the couch or cramming to make cookies...take time to watch a holiday classic. Here's a top 10 list of the best Christmas movies of all time to help you find the perfect flick to put you in the holiday spirit.

3. Snuggle up in a new down comforter (an early Christmas present to yourselves) and talk about your favorite Christmas memories as children. It can be fun to discover what makes the holiday great for your significant other, and it can give you some last minute gift ideas too.

2. Make love with your favorite Christmas music and a fire crackling in the background. Bing Crosby might blush, but his holiday album was made for this exact activity.

1. Enjoy Christmas morning mimosas and breakfast in bed. What better way to kick off your first Christmas day as newlyweds?! (Combine champagne, a splash of orange juice, Grand Marnier and a few pomegranate seeds to make this Christmas cocktail.)

Whether you try all 10, or only have time for one item on my list, remember that the holidays are supposed to be filled with love and laughter. Take time to celebrate the season as newlyweds!