12/12/2012 06:46 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2013

Unconventional Stocking Stuffers for Unconventional Spouses

So, there are a lot of things you've learned about your new spouse since saying "I do" and merging all of your stuff. Ok, he has a few ticks, quirks, and OCD tendencies. Maybe he likes to leave his boxers on the bathroom floor or the kitchen cabinet doors open after getting a glass for water. Maybe he can't remember where he put his keys or hates to share his beer. For all of his, 'things you hate but keep half-smiling about' quirks, we've put together a list of unconventional stocking stuffer about ideas to help make his life and yours even happier.

For the Eco Conscious: A mere $10 will purchase 2,000 pounds of carbon load coverage to offset your spouse's footprint, and make their green heart simply glow with happiness.

For the Grinch: Are you married to the anti-Santa? Make him smile with reindeer jerky in his stocking (if he even has one).

For the Forgetful: Tired of constantly helping your other half find their keys? Give the gift of commuting sanity with key fobs that track the keys' location. Now your hubby just needs to remember to put the fob on his key chain.

For the Snoozer: In love with the person who snoozes constantly? An alarm clock that rings and then rolls off the night stand is a stocking stuffer that benefits both of you! No more listening to him complain about being late to meetings. He has no excuse if he has to get out of the bed to turn off the clock. Just make sure to put cold ice cubes in the bed when he rolls out. Keeps him from getting back in.

For the Cube Controlled: Married to the spouse whose daily job is like an episode of "The Office"? Add some much-needed comic relief with a boss toss in their stocking!

For the Zombie Apocalypse Spouse (hey they're out there): Check out this gingerbread zombie bottle opener. Sure to be a conversation starter at all future parties!

For the Foodie: Stumped on what to get the mate who makes amazing food every night? You can never go wrong with truffle oil. This somewhat expensive condiment (found at any gourmet store) will let them jazz up everything from pasta to risotto to salad...and you get to enjoy the results. YUM!

Hopefully these ideas help you fill the stockings of your beloved or at least spark ideas for things that will make Christmas Day wonderful. Regardless, remember that being a newlywed gives you room for error in gift giving and a heart full of love for the person you'll be sharing Christmas with forever.