12/04/2014 09:06 am ET Updated Feb 03, 2015

What We Can Learn From Buddy the Elf

Oh, yes. It's that time of year when I can talk about and watch one of my favorite movies, Elf. I could watch it all year round, but then I'd risk getting tired of it, and I can't have that.

Watching this cinema delight is one thing, but why am I writing about Buddy the Elf and what the heck can you learn from him?

I'm glad you asked. Stay with me here.

"Being present" and "living in the moment" are buzzwords these days. Everyone says them, but how many of us actually put them to practice?

When we live in the moment there is no mind chatter. No worrying about the future, no regretting the past, no wondering what others think of you, just awareness of this moment. You're right here right now.

What's the big deal about living in the moment?

Life doesn't have to be so hard. And when you take it moment by moment it's not as bad / stressful / painful / discouraging as your thoughts will lead you to believe. You savor more when you notice more. Being present reduces stress and gets you out of the noise that goes on in that pretty little head of yours.

So, how do you do it? Let's start with the basics and take a cue from Buddy - just call it out. You can watch Buddy the Elf in all his in-the-moment glory, here.

When you start to feel lost in your thoughts, call out what you're doing. Taking a shower, driving, singing in the store (like Buddy). Call it out and get back to the moment.

I know, it may seem childish, or petty, but it works! Living in the moment allows you to cast your worries, fears and all the other jumbled mess that goes on in your mind everyday to the curb. And we can all stand to live with a little less worry and regret.

Experiencing each moment you live gives you permission to realize there is not one situation in life that is bigger than you. Within each moment there is a reminder of your capabilities, joy and the love that resides deep within.

Try it. But I'm going to warn you now, living in the moment may cause extreme bursts of creativity, love and joy, and people staring at you if you decide to sing out loud.