01/02/2012 02:16 pm ET Updated Mar 03, 2012

What Should the Sacramento Kings Do With DeMarcus Cousins?

There's something wrong in Sacramento, says Ailene Voisin in The Sacramento Bee. "Paul Westphal has a mess on his hands, the type of dirty laundry that has nothing to do with sweaty socks and soaked towels and everything to do with that type of finger-pointing that threatens job security." The biggest problem appears to center around the team's young star DeMarcus Cousins who, according to reports, has demanded a trade. Cousins was sent home before the Kings' Sunday win against the Hornets. Cousins has long been labeled a "problem child," and if the Kings can't make peace, their season could unravel before their eyes. "Teams will lowball the Kings with trade offers, knowing they want to move Cousins and minimize the distraction," says a HoopsVibe blogger. Others are already speculating about where Cousins could land:

Washington would be a good fit: "May I suggest a trade to the Wizards?" asks Chris Minton at Nation of Blue. "It sounds like a fresh start may be in order for Cuz." So what would it take to bring him over? "I think that Blatche, Seraphin and next year's first would get the job done," says Sean Fagan at Bullets Forever.

Houston should make the call: It's an easy decision, says Jonathan Feigen in the Houston Chronicle. "The Rockets have been frequent trade partners with the Kings. They have excess young talent and future picks to offer. They have short-term contracts to configure in a deal to make a trade work for a rebuilding, young team." This is a gamble worth taking.

How about Detroit? "On paper, Cousins is everything the Pistons need right now," says Justin Rogers at But he's actually the "antithesis" of what they need right now because "sooner than later he'll butt heads with players and coaches here when the team continues to lose. The cycle will just continue." Actually, the Pistons have always liked Cousins, says Patrick Hayes at Piston Powered. Their problem is that they have nothing to offer in exchange: "I would guess the Pistons would have to include future picks as well since that package is pretty underwhelming, especially if they end up picking near the bottom of the lottery in 2012," Hayes adds.