03/28/2013 10:29 pm ET Updated May 28, 2013

F#%king Up Everything : Parody Rock

F#%king Up Everything is looking for a good time.

The rock musical by David Eric Davis (music and lyrics) and Sam Forman (book) returns to New York at the Elektra Theatre with updated cultural and local references that will elicit giggles and snickers from the audience. With a light storyline centered around Brooklyn hipsters who fall in love way too fast for any of it to be taken with any level of seriousness or sincerity, the show hinges on its music.

It's loud, it's fun, and it's loose. For theatergoers looking for something memorable and full, this show may not deliver the goods. But for those seeking a fresh musical ripe with humor, Everything delivers.

Christian is a puppeteer who wants to impress the new-to-town Juliana. Thanks to some ups and downs, and some pretty terrible advice from his best friend, Jake, Christian is left to fend for himself in hopes of getting Juliana back. There's no doubt that he'll find his own way, but the drama leads to some other unexpected pairings, too. Just when you think this show will turn into melodramatic fluff, another lighthearted rune creeps in to bring you back to reality.

As for the cast, Max Crumm sells the geeky and awkward Christian well, leading a strong, young cast. Katharine Cozumel fills in nicely as his love interest. The rest of the cast includes the local and loyal band that plays them on and off the stage. The band helps propel the story forward in spite of a small set and few props.