08/04/2010 03:38 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

How Obama's Spent His Recent Birthdays

Today is the president's 49th birthday, and he'll reportedly celebrate it with dinner in Chicago with friends. He'll also be sleeping at home, alone. His wife's heading to Spain this week, and his daughters are off at sleepaway camp. If the image of the president spending his special day apart from his loved ones alarms you, take a look at how Obama's spent his past birthdays since storming onto the political scene:

2009: "It got pretty raucous in the White House briefing room today. Singing, eating, smooching. Pure bedlam," reported The Christian Science Monitor. Obama surprised the White House briefing room when he delivered a cake - and a kiss - to veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas, who shares a birthday with him.

2008: The president was in Boston where he attended "a birthday bash that doubled as a major campaign fund-raiser," according to The Boston Globe. Leading up to the event, the Globe said it was expected to bring in "close to $5 million for Obama and the Democratic Party, which organizers say would make it the biggest political fund-raiser ever in Boston." Harry Connick Jr. performed. In his introduction, John Kerry said: "I asked Barack what he wanted for his birthday, and he said just three things: 'Indiana, Colorado, and Virginia."

2007: Obama joined other Democratic candidates on stage at the Yearly Kos convention (now Netroots Nation) in Chicago. "When the moderator mentioned that the senator turned 46 years old on Saturday, several of those gathered in the ballroom began to serenade him with 'Happy Birthday,'" according to The New York Times. Even rival Hillary Clinton joined in on the action, pretending to conduct for the choir of cheerful audience members.