02/05/2012 12:36 pm ET Updated Apr 06, 2012

Is Peyton Manning Overshadowing the Super Bowl?

It's Super Bowl Sunday and all anyone in Indianapolis can seem to talk about is Manning, Manning, Manning. Their hometown hero, Peyton, that is. With doctors clearing the older Manning brother to play, and the Colts looking like they won't be keeping him, speculation is growing about whether the future Hall of Famer will wind up after having spent his entire pro career in Indy. The Broncos are the newest candidate popping up, with Arizona, Washington, and other teams reportedly considering their options, too. Before that question is settled, though, Peyton's younger brother, Eli, is competing in the Super Bowl. Has Peyton taken too much of the attention away from his brother?

Mike Wise, Washington Post: "Before kickoff Sunday, Eli Manning's big brother needs to accept a hard truth: Lucas Oil Stadium isn't Peyton's place anymore. It's not fair or right -- in pro sports, it hardly ever is -- but it's over. The best he can do now is search for a new team or retire with the same grace we came to know him by the past two decades. Before any more talk of 'nerve regeneration,' Peyton Manning first needs a return to dignity."

Dan LeBatard, Miami Herald: "Because of the proprietary nature of fantasy leagues and the investment nature of gambling, where an athlete will end up next seems to have become more interesting than where he is now, as evidenced by the way The Decision of LeBron James consumed his sport for months... They are exercises in hope trafficking, feeding sports junkies the high of promised tomorrows."

Gregg Doyel, CBS Sports: "The leak from Peyton's people gave Irsay the choice of taking the high road and ignoring it -- or reacting. Well, that was no choice. Irsay did what he does: He lurched forward clumsily, knocking over tables and drawing more attention to himself by sending out a tweet heard 'round the word that said Peyton wasn't ready to play, that the situation essentially hasn't changed in months. That started a flurry of back-and-forth between the two sides through the media, and it reached a crescendo Friday when Manning's agent, Tom Condon, magically appeared at the media center to assure newspapers and TV cameras from every time zone that, 'Peyton wants to play and he's safe to play.'"