11/06/2012 03:45 pm ET Updated Dec 31, 2012

Maybe Adding Four Girls to Our Fantasy Football League Wasn't a Good Idea

Back in September when I said our family's fantasy football league added four girls, it was all fun and games.

Keep the girls occupied with roster spots, bench players and bye weeks, and they'll be cool with the guys spending every Sunday in front of the TV.

Eight weeks in, it appears our innocent plan has backfired.

These girls are good at fantasy football.

Of the four ladies in our league, three are now poised for a playoff run.

My cousin's girlfriend (Bubby's Jello Shots) is in second place at 5-3, my sister (u r losing to a girl) is 4-4 and my wife (Pretty in Pink) is 3-5 after losing this past week by only two points.

The fourth girl, another cousin's fiancée (Comfy in Last), is 1-7 and pretty much done for the year. We told her she's on the PUP list and that the new dog will arrive any day.

Yours truly (Hymie's Heroes) is also at 4-4. Chalk it up Tony Romo and Calvin Johnson pretty much not showing up the first half of the season. Still, I maintain Hymie's Heroes is a team of destiny. We will prevail.

Unless, of course, the girls in our league continue to ruin the party.

Here are the standings right now, broken down by gender:

1. Guy
2. Guy
3. Guy
4. Girl
5. Guy
6. Guy
7. Girl
8. Guy
9. Guy
10. Girl
11. Guy
12. Girl

I won't give the guys in first, second and third the satisfaction of having their names announced. Or the one buried in 11th.

The more I analyze the precarious success of girls in our league, the less surprised I am.

That's because fantasy football is quickly becoming a popular hobby for men and women. Exhibit A: The Wives of Fantasy Football, a place for women who are married to football-obsessed men to hang out and play fantasy football together. They also do contests and teach girls about the game. Wives of Fantasy Football has even been featured on CBS News.

As fantasy football grows in popularity, girls will continue to inch onto the turf once held exclusively by guys. That's fine if you start the year 1-7. Not so great when your own sister crushes you in week eight. Again, team of destiny.

No matter how the season ends, I will own up to it and write a recap. If the girls take 1st, 2nd and 3rd, so be it.

But if Hymie's Heroes goes down, it won't be my fault.

It'll be Tony Romo's.

How are you doing in your own leagues? With eight weeks to go, do you like your chances?

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