Jordanian MPs Burn Israeli Flag

Angry protests against the devastating Israeli air attacks against Palestinians in Gaza witnessed an elevated notch Sunday when two members of the Jordanian parliament burnt an Israeli flag in Parliament. (Arabic)

Nationalist MPs Khalil Attiyeh (of Palestinian origin and from the Muslim faith) and Left wing MP Bassam Haddadin (an East Bank Jordanian of Christian faith) shared together in a clear act of national consensus as they torched the Israeli flag at the outset of the parliament's session this Sunday. Other MPs stepped on the burnt flag as a sign of anger and disgust towards Israel.

The flag burning coincided with the signature of 30 out of the 110 MPs to a letter calling for the cancellation of the Jordanian-Israeli peace agreement, according to AFP.

Loud demonstrations also took place in most Jordanian universities with students attacking Israel as well as Arab countries who have a peace agreement with Israel. Moderate Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas was also attacked. Others called on the warring Palestinian factions (Hamas and Fatah) to unite against the Israeli attacks.

Protesters in the Jordanian capital and in other cities have gone out in impromptu demonstrations most calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador in Amman as well as the need to recall the Jordanian envoy in Tel Aviv. Protesters also attacked the Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and attempted to reach the Egyptian and Israeli embassies in the capital Amman, but were gently but firmly rebuffed by the Jordanian police. Sensing the public's anger, this was one of the first times that Jordanian police have not attempted to stop public demonstrations, marches and other protest activities. See the report from the French News Agency.