02/24/2016 01:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Succeed to Show Yourself You Can Do It

Yes I run a failure crusade. I preach that one can strategize their way out of discouragement, turn it into potential and cash-in on it. But I now realize that giving advice is very different from encouraging oneself. However emotionally invested in the well being of others, motivating your brother, your boyfriend or your classmate keeps you guarded: you are not the one that has to go talk to that dream-girl, fly a parachute or deliver a speech. Because inspiring and offering a piece of one's mind is a low-risk investment.

This is why I will use this blog post not to eulogize the brood of my creativity- my Today I Failed At Facebook movement- but to own up to my safe-game strategy: I am a coward towards Failure: I didn't like the feeling it sprayed on me after our encounters so I bubble wrapped my life to brush it off before it stained me. The truth is, I don't know what it is to really fail because failure is a castaway from my life: a vile pariah that I pretend is not related to me. Failure is dirty uncle Phil.

I don't know what it is to really fail but I also don't know what it is to really- really succeed because I have deliberately stepped back from the claiming front of life: the force of your claim is tantamount to your vulnerability during the post-hunt treasure distribution.


So, instead of going all in, this is what I do:

- My alternatives to original plan ration is always 3:1. Some may acknowledge some street-smartness in planning ahead but you know what? It can also be patronizing. Who would execute a high jump watching the ambulance park in the track?

- The only types of announcements I make are phrases that mistakenly escape my mouth when I am too excited to compose myself. I don't want people to assume how devastated I am after a loss, so I rarely tattle with precursors.

- I minimize the competition. Wether it is the love of my life, my dream job, my friends or anything that could evolve into my everything, I start off declaring I will survive a potential break of these bonds and then I indulge.

A few days ago I came across a viral self-motivating quote: "Sometimes I feel like giving up. Then I remember I have a lot of people to prove wrong". So I decided to correct it: "Sometimes I feel like giving up. Then I remember I have myself to prove wrong". Because in my case I am the villain. I am she who censors. I lay the impediments along by orbit, then I blindfold myself and say "I told you so" after I trip.

But today, stepping on a pedestal of yesterdays and breathing through an inhale of tomorrows, today, the most powerful of days, I choose to change. I choose to light my burden and stop the self bad-mouthing. I choose to invest and to survive in case I fail. I choose life.

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