07/17/2013 05:19 pm ET Updated Sep 16, 2013

Oh, the Places You'll Go?

When I was younger and read this book, my mind was filled with so much hope and anticipation of the amazing places that I would discover once I got older. The whimsical motivation from the Doctor himself urging me to explore the world around me gave me the hope that I would do exactly that.

I find myself staring at the now taunting book cover of the story I once wanted to live by, with a sense of sadness and disappointment. The encouraging words I read in another time of my life, now cluttered my mind with an overwhelming feeling of regret. Reminiscing can be fun, but sometimes forces you to face a truth you once forgot. A couple of months ago an old colleague of mine decided to travel to East Asia for 6 months for the simple reasoning of, why not? She posted her Tumblr on Facebook chronicling her journey and I immediately got lost in the amazing simplicity of what life is like on the other side of the world.

I marveled at the interesting culture, food, people, and stories -- I felt like I was there with her, hidden in her pocket the whole time, quietly observing. Half way through her trip to Thailand and my afternoon lunch I got a staggering feeling of jealousy. Was it jealousy? It had to be. I longed to go on a trip just like hers, a trip that revives and re-energizes you for whatever the second half of your adult life may bring. A trip that restores your faith in humanity and increases your thinning patience, both skills that most, (like myself) need to desperately work on. So I ask myself at that moment, why? Why not me? And the answer surprised me. There was no real reason I couldn't. I tried to come up with excuses that would justify the ludicrousness of the idea, but I just couldn't.

I'd like to tell myself that if Dr. Seuss was writing books today he would make a sequel titled, "Just stay where you are, it's not that bad". A comforting adult book that spoke to those who never made it to places they wanted to go. But alas, there is no book.