10/23/2014 02:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Shock and Awe

2014-10-18-shockandawe.jpg I sold real estate when I was only 20 years old (through age 24). The most competitive prospecting group for realtors is expired listings. These are homes that have been listed by other agents. When a contract on one of these homes expired, an alert would show up on the Multiple Listing Service. Immediately, several dozen real estate agents would pounce on them and start calling.

I made up in hustle and aggressiveness what I lacked in age and experience. I developed what I called my Shock and Awe Blitz Campaign. Once I set my sights on you, you were either going to love me or hate me, but you would not be able to ignore me nor forget me.

Between 6 and 7 a.m. the morning your listing expired, I'd be standing on your doorstep asking you to relist your home with me (immediately separating myself from everyone else and delivering a little shock). Sometimes this is all it took, but if not...

Later that day you would get a package, hand-delivered by an assistant, that we affectionately called "Da-Bomb," because it was big and stuffed full of combustible materials explaining why I was "Da-Bomb."

Then, in the early evening, an assistant would show up and hand you a SOLD sign and say, "This is a gift from Darren Hardy. You will need this soon after you hire him to sell your house."

Later that evening I would stop by in person and ask for the listing again. (Key point: More than 50 percent of the time the listing was won or lost within the first 24 hours. This is why I blitzed all-out during that time.)

If the listing still hadn't been secured I would then have something hand-delivered or mailed to you every day for at least two weeks, along with a daily call from me personally.

It wasn't long before you would call exasperated, exclaiming that if I would market your house like I marketed myself, I had the job. Shock and awe, baby!

What is your most important (valuable/profitable) prospect group?

What's your shock-and-awe package and campaign? Create one this week.

This is useful in your personal life as well. I recently met an entrepreneur who met his dream girl online. She came from a very well-to-do Indian family. He wanted to ask her father for her hand in marriage.

Wanting to ensure his success, he didn't just show up neatly dressed with an eloquent speech in hand. No, he showed up with 500 of his guy friends at the doorstep of her father's house, all equipped with a speech about why he would be a great husband.

Do you think he got the sale? It's really impossible to say "no" under those conditions.

How can you make it nearly impossible for your key prospects to say "no" to you?