09/16/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Phelps and Britney Spears: A Perfect Couple

It struck me last night when NBC swung its camera away from the starting block where Michael Phelps was again about to make history-- and I saw the hundreds of cameras in the press section, all trained on the pool (the new definition of pool coverage). We've been here before.

Britney Spears. Michael Phelps. I'm surprised they didn't think of this themselves. Besides the mob of cameras permanently attached, they have so much in common. Besides the fact that for awhile they had the same hairdo.

There's bathing suits. Obviously they both love wearing them, since that's what they're wearing in most of their pictures. How they look in their bathing suits is another thing. Since the world really, really cares about this, and scrutinizes every detail of their bodies.

More similarities. They're about the same age. They're both single right now, at least I haven't noticed a girlfriend in the Phelps cheering section. Only his mother and sisters. Which is another thing they have in common. The family support in times of need.

Their life together might require a few tweaks. Like Michael, Britney apparently loves spending time in pools--but not the Olympic kind with lanes. And seeing Michael scarf down 12,000 calories per day might be a little tough to watch.

But their differences could really work well for their images. Michael, so squeaky clean, does have a DUI in his past, and must feel more than ready to drop the constant practicing in exchange for constant partying. He can also benefit by Britney's vast experience with all the Hollywood handlers who are in his immediate future.

As for Britney's image, especially for her next appearance in court, nothing could help her more than getting a little closer to a Wheaties box.

It's perfect. They don't even need