10/09/2013 11:46 am ET Updated Dec 09, 2013

Republicans Finally Ready for Rehab?

This is the GOP'S Michael Dukakis moment.

The GOP can finally check itself into recovery and begin to heal, having clearly hit rock bottom this week.

Like presidential hopeful Michael Dukakis' iconic moment of donning fatigues and posing in a tank -- symbolizing rock bottom for the old Democratic Party -- Cruz, McConnell and Boehner have demonstrated their pettiness, selfishness and utter incompetence to the nation, by bringing the government to a halt.

They are the whiny kid on the field, who demands a do-over when he loses and takes his ball and runs home when he is told that there are no do-overs.

It doesn't take a policy wonk or constitutional scholar to see this. Just as it didn't take any great knowledge of policy for Americans to regard Dukakis as an unremarkable nerd posing as a tough guy.

What happened in 1988 was beneficial to the entire nation. The Democrats wised up and stopped peddling economically illiterate notions of distributing wealth, they developed a philosophy that went beyond simply returning favors to labor, minority groups and nonprofits. And they turned to Bill Clinton, who had been trying to reform that party for some time.

The New Democrats took over the party and transformed the country with a blend of socially conscious policies that were realistic and tough minded about costs, unintended consequences and waste.

It turned out that new approach was very popular and yielded eight years in the White House.

Let us hope this is the moment when the GOP sheds its lunatic fringe of zealots and absolutists and once again becomes a functional party that can succeed in the future and keep the Democrats honest by offering a viable alternative governing strategy.

One proactive suggestion: Roger Ailes and folks at Fox News largely invented the Tea Party. Would it be to much to ask of Doctor Frankenstein to use his laboratory to deactivate the monster that now threatens all the townspeople?

Say the word into Hannity's earpiece and this whole mess ends.