06/14/2010 01:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Life Sucks? Perfect Time To Give!

Lost your job? Health challenges? Unlucky in love? Perfect--I've got just the thing for you--start giving!


Giving? Have I not heard how badly things are going for you? I get it. Been there. Done that.

Now I run, the website featuring stories that "Show The World What's Possible!" Everyday I meet folks who show me how to look at challenges differently.

Reed Sandridge is one of those guys. He lost his job at a big time non-profit last Fall. His answer? Sure, he's looking for work, but meanwhile his main focus has been giving away $10 a day. Every day. Rain or shine. Good mood or bad. The money goes to a stranger no strings attached. He shares the amazing encounters and adventures this has brought him at his blog

I featured Reed on my website last month and got a glimpse into one of the best years of his life. Yes, best. He realizes that losing his job has given him a chance to slow down, get to know many of the strangers in his Washington, DC community, and witness the magic of what giving can bring. He's given it to the homeless, to executives, to students, and people of all ages. The payoff comes from seeing what folks do with the gift. Some turn around and spend it on someone else.

He's now inviting you to get a taste of that magic and you don't even have to lose your job! Sandridge has designated tomorrow Tuesday, June 15 as Worldwide Day of Giving. He's suggesting you give $10 to a total stranger (or whatever you can afford) and just watch what happens. If Reed's 168-day streak of giving is any indication, you're in for quite a treat of kindness, creativity, and abundance. You can share your experience on his blog and see how the $10 adventure unfolds for people all around the world.

Times might be tough, your head and thoughts might be spinning, but I find it's physically impossible to do that spiral thing when your mind is focused on giving and creating opportunity. It's like taking an Advil for the blahs. Your mind simply can't focus forward and downward all at the same time.

So I dare you--try it. The more overwhelmed you think you are by your challenges and the world's the better. You're in for one powerful experience.