10/25/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sixty-Six Inches of Sarah Palin

Oh the fun we're having. The most pop-culture-ized Presidential election in American history takes it to another kitsch level this week, a company that specializes in custom, life-sized (that's her real height, 5'6") , removable wall graphics, has announced the release of the life-size Sarah Palin wall graphic, available exclusively on the company's website.

Not getting enough of Sarah Barracuda these days? Then why not have her right next to you at home, on the job or wherever there's a wall to slap her up against. Perhaps this adhesive, full-bodied rendering of the Alaska Governor would go nicely above the fireplace, provide inspiration in your sleeping quarters or serve as a motivational image at the workplace. That's the beauty. It doesn't have to stay in one place.

As a spokesman for the company puts it, "It's like a post-it that never gets unsticky."


Where else can you get that kind of versatility for $69.99 plus shipping? But there's more. Plastic Sarah comes in two versions: a Republican version replete with additional party iconography elements to additionally dress the wall and a Democratic version with assorted Colorforms-style images (rifle, lipstick, hockey stick, beauty queen tiara) to adorn your Sarah with a sense individual of style. It's really up to you. How's that for reaching across the aisle?

Somewhere Obama is seething.