02/11/2013 03:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Here's What a Class of Fifth Graders Think About Comic Books


Art courtesy of Jess Smart Smiley

I grew up reading comics, as many people first discovered them. More and more, comics have been introduced into classrooms as a teaching tool and required reading.

One of my good friends is a 5th grade teacher who is a strong supporter of comics as a educational tool. I started talking to him about it and got the idea to write this piece.

I wondered what these kids thought about comics in general. So I thought up a bunch of questions for these kids to answer and here are some of my favorite responses. These answers are all verbatim and were transcribed directly from the sheet the kids filled out.

Here is the list of questions I asked them:

  • What is it about comics that you like?
  • What are your favorite types of stories?
  • Is the story or art more important to you?
  • What do comics offer differently then movies, TV, novels?
  • What is your favorite comic?
  • If someone who has never read a comic before asked you to buy them a
  • good comic, what would you get for them?

Answer 1

Yes, I do like comic books. I like them because they are funny and you get really interested in them. There are great pictures and you don't have to read plain old paragraphs all the time. One comic book that is good is definitely Amulet. This is why I love comic books so much!

Answer 2

Comic books are very good to me. Possibly the best type of books people can make. I can easily recommend these types of books because they are easy to read plus after that they can give a review about it themselves. They are of any select genre from mysteries to scaries and even some action packed thrillers that are fairly adventurous. This is why it should be fairly simple recommend a comic book to someone.

Answer 3

Yes, I love comics. I like them because to me it tells a story better than anything else. If I were to recommend a comic to start with I would most likely tell them Predator, The Terminator, or The Batman. Also I will mention Free Comic Book Day if they're not sure where to start. Last I would have them look up their local shop.

Answer 4

Yes I like comic books. I like them because it does not have a lot of words and lots of pictures. It is really cool and it is like you are in the book. You can see how the characters look like.

Answer 5

I like comic books because of some of the action. Also anything can happen in them. I would recommend to someone that they are funny. Also whatever toy they like, like action or funny, they have a comic for that. They can have a whole series to read and you can get them all. So that is what I like about comics.

Answer 6

Yes, I love comic books. I love that there are so many pictures and not a lot of words. Now that's my kind of story! Also, the pictures help you see what the story is telling you so you don't have to imagine anything. If I were to say something to a person who has never read a comic book I would say that comic books are awesome. And that millions of people read them everyday!

Answer 7

Yes, I love comic books! I like the pictures and they are fun to read. I would tell a friend to read Smile because it's cool and has some humor in it. Also, it shows the drama of junior high. I think people would like it because it is realistic fiction so it could really happen to them. I think that it is more for girls than boys because it contains a lot of girl drama and make-up and other stuff boys don't really like.

Answer 8

I do like comic books. Why I like them is that they are entertaining, sometimes funny, and cool. If I were to recommend a comic book to someone I would recommend to them to read Owly and the Amulet books because Amulet is cool and entertaining and Owly is funny and cool.

Answer 9

Yes I like comic books. I also like the pictures about comic books. I would tell them lots of things happen in it. That there is a lot of action parts. The mysteries lurk in the streets. People jumping from building to building. Notes scattered on the streets. I would tell them that it is everything you could ever ask for.

Answer 10

I like comic books like Bone and Ghostopolis. They make a story come to life. I would recommend all comic books. They are fun to read. I would recommend comic books to my cousin Jacob. Comic books take you away from the real world.

Answer 11

Yes, I do like comic books. I like how most comic books have a lot of action and suspense in a comic book. It can be full of comedy to make things hilarious. If I had to tell someone about a comic I would tell them about how exciting it is and how you can never tell what would happen because most comic books do their own way. It can be adventurous to see what the comics going to end up like.

Answer 12

Yes, I do like comic books. I like the detailed pictures. I also like the corny jokes that are said in the stories. If I was to recommend one, I would tell them a few things. One thing is the graphics are amazing. Another is the jokes will make you roll on the ground laughing. That is what I like about comic books and what I would say if I was going to recommend a comic book to a friend.