02/24/2015 10:26 am ET Updated Apr 26, 2015

What's In Your Wallet?

A couple of years ago I was asked, "What's in your wallet?"

I wasn't being asked if I had the best rewards credit card. I was talking to my doctor at the time, complaining of lower back pain. I showed him this bulging, folded cowhide that unfortunately had everything in it but the green stuff!

Men and women alike can relate. My wallet contained large masses of receipts, loyalty cards and an assortment of debit and credit cards.

My doctor instructed me to switch to a money clip. I did for a few years. Somehow that wasn't enough.

About a year or two ago I discovered the best wallet I've ever had. It was from a company I discovered on the Internet called Bellroy.

Bellroy wallets are quality, without a doubt. And gentlemen, they are incredibly well thought-out. Even neat, I would say. They are made of high-quality leather, hand-stitched, and come with a three-year warranty. There are a variety of styles, sizes, colors and purposes. There are hidden compartments for cards, coins, keys and even a smart card! Mine has a little tab inside to access other cards I use less frequently.

I personally purchased the Slim Sleeve. I wanted a minimalist approach that could carry just enough but reduce bulk. I also keep it in my front pocket. That allows me to sit flat without the bulge in one pocket. These wallets will allow you to stuff money and four to 12 credit cards at a fraction of the size of your existing wallet.

They are a little pricey. If you've never paid more than $25 to $30 for a wallet, keep in mind that these are a bit pricier than your average department-store billfold. I spent $80, but I have one that retains it shape and beautiful look for two years now. It will probably last for many years to come. Most store-bought wallets need replacing after a few years.

Bellroy products make a great gift. So if you are a lady reading this, it makes a nice birthday or special occasion gift idea. Maybe even a groomsman gift?

Finally, I want to give you a little helpful financial advice. Even if you don't decide to switch your wallet over to the Bellroy, take the time to inventory what's in your wallet. Pull everything out and take a cellphone pic of its contents. That way, if it's ever stolen, you know which card companies to call and what to replace.

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