06/13/2014 10:59 am ET Updated Aug 10, 2014

Hope for USA Auties and Aspies From UK

As a joint blog answered commenter Russell's first question last week I'll just address his second question, which was, what do I mean by solve the autie and aspie problem by a more holistic approach?

I have been actively racking my brains about the autie and aspie crisis since conducting virtually all of my coaching and counseling of my fellow auties and aspies through the good offices of the Yahoo! Answers website as an 'Answerer' and once the dust had settled from my shocking discoveries that young people in America resort to suicidal ideation and other extreme self harming activities when things go wrong in their lives, I found the answer staring me in my face, and I have therefore been very busy undertaking the necessary research and other preparations to develop a proposed business plan for consideration by the Prince of Wales' Trust, Prime Cymru, and Welsh Government's business advice service, Antur Teifi.

I am quite close to completing the draft, to circulate to my heirs and assigns so they may ensure I do not put their futures in any jeopardy in my enthusiasm to create this remedy. I can therefore share with you the essence of my idea so you can tell me what you think of it if you wish.

Here then is what I have written as the executive summary of my proposed business plan for what I am calling the "The Dafydd Tomos Hyswain Project for Auties and Aspies." I have doctored it a bit to assist your understanding matters that are public knowledge in England and Wales in the UK as we had the privilege of living through them with the key parties involved. So here it is.

Executive Summary

Overview of Business Plan

Objective 1: Revive the County Surveyors Society as the naturally exclusive professional society and place for people that have the genetic Asperger's Syndrome of Autism.
Objective 2: Revive pre schooling, home schooling and special needs schooling by encyclopaedia and biblical series as the natural pedagogy for that professional calling.

The County Surveyors Society of Great Britain was the traditional means of professionally qualifying savants to take their proper place in the governance of counties for 'God, King and Country.'

Upon the Coronation of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the phrasing changed to 'God, Queen and Country' but nothing else did.

The massive program of building reconstruction and socio-economic regeneration of Britain that arose because of Britain and her Allies winning the Second World War against Germany and the Axis countries necessitated the employment by the Crown and central and local authorities of thousands of other professionally qualified personnel that were not savants but neurotypicals.

Additionally, as foreign nations won their independence from the British Empire abroad, the need to qualify county surveyors for service abroad reduced to a trickle.

The aims and objects of the County Surveyors Society therefore started becoming blurred in the early 1960s, due largely to the Town and Country Planning Act 1962 and the Buchanan Report: Traffic in Towns (1963); and, in 1968, the system of qualifying bred savants by this means was handed over by Her Royal Majesty's Privy Council to professional and educational institutions of the other personnel.

This resulted in the winding up of the traditional modes of professional and educational study to become qualified members of the Society that had developed in Britain and the Commonwealth since Victorian times.

In particular, pedagogy of pre-schooling, home-schooling and special-need-schooling of candidates by means of an early 20th century Encyclopaedia and series of Stories of the Bible that I studied from to become a Esquire of the Royal Division in 1960 waned and died away in 1968.

My charter and commission was refreshed early in 1968, at the start of a tour of duty in the Royal Division of the Palace of Windsor Castle to safeguard the 'Kings Highways' from there to Aberystwyth Castle for the impending Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness, Charles Windsor, to study the Welsh language and heritage at Aberystwyth University and thence to Caernarfon Castle for his investiture as the Prince of Wales.

Consequently, the County Surveyors Society was wound up in or around 1996/7 on Parliamentary reorganization of local government functions in England and Wales due to assembly of County and District government functions in certain parts of England and throughout Wales into 'Unitary Local Authorities' called County or County Borough.

As some Chief Executives and Directors of the Districts who were not traditional County Surveyors became Chief Executives or Directors of the County or County Borough Unitary Local Authorities, and outnumbered County Surveyors Society, it was wound up in favour of the professional society to which they belonged, namely, The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport.

A generation later, a great many people who would have been natural candidates for the County Surveyors Society by the pedagogy of pre schooling, home schooling and special needs schooling by encyclopaedia and story of the Bible fail to do well in state provided schools and consequently fall into the trap of low paid jobs or no jobs at all.

Anecdotal evidence abounds since the legislation was passed to implement the 1996/7 changes of such severe anxiety being caused to such natural candidates that many resorted to thoughts and acts of self-destruction, and worse, known already to be prevalent in that mental health category, but under a previous name, 'Autistic Psychopathy'.

Scientific evidence now exists in America that incumbents of the disease are 25-30 times more likely that any other class of society to contemplate and / or attempt to commit such acts of self-destruction, in particular suicide.

The prevalence of such incumbents to wandering off or running away without any regard for their personal safety, and later being found dead of inexplicable causes has forced the USA government to fund the provision of GPS tracking devices to these incumbents bodies or clothing.

And, all because this group of people have no meaning and purpose in living, unlike all the previous generations of their bloodlines. I suspect I may be the only surviving Esquire of the Royal Division to have been pre schooled, home schooled and special needs educated in this way.

This project is therefore not really only about the revival of a lost tradition, as Objective 1 may seem to imply, but about saving the lives and relationships of these young suffering auties and aspies by giving them the meaning and purpose for living that their bloodline ancestors had.

Is it a worthy meaning and purpose for auties and aspies?

Well, it has the same meaning and purpose that the first President of the United States swore to serve to become County Surveyor of Culpeper in Virginia, at the age of 17, namely, of Esquire of the Royal Division of the Crown of England and Wales, involving the swearing of a lifetime oath on the Bible, to serve God, King and Country, which he did even after the War of Independence in negotiating the settlement and running the country for that first term of presidential office.

And he was not the only President of the United States to hold the title of Esquire of the Royal Division of the Crown of England and Wales until his death: Thomas Jefferson did too.


David Adrian Thomas, Esq., M.C.I.H.T.