02/03/2014 10:39 am ET Updated Apr 05, 2014

Roses Smell Like Boo Boo

In a scene on the Real Housewives of Atlanta episode entitled "Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight" an argument quickly erupted into a full physical confrontation between cast members. I'm all for drama and action. I watch NeNe and company because they provide a healthy amount of both drama and action. Whether it's Kandi concerned about her mother's impression of her relationship choices or Kenya instigating an insignificant argument between members of the cast, whatever Real Housewives of Atlanta is, it is not dull. Most of the times it is simply entertainment, but the incident in the last episode is edutainment. There's a lot you can learn about what not to do from those girls in Atlanta:

1. Aggressive talk is one thing. Aggressive touch is another. (Women should remember they are not as physically strong as men.)
Kenya made two fatal mistakes in the last episode. Number one: She aggressively got up and began to walk towards Christopher William's wife Natalie. As any man would do, Christopher Williams tried to shield his wife from what everyone could see was an aggressive posture. Kenya's second mistake was turning her aggression posture toward Christopher. As he firmly grabbed her arm she snatched it away and told him to get his hands off of her. Now it is important to note that men should keep their hands off women. But, it is equally important for women to appreciate the difference between aggressive talking and aggressive touching. Men and women are equally equipped to engage in a shouting match. However, men tend to have an unequal physical advantage when the sexes do battle. Here is a lesson all women should learn, just because you can talk as loud as a man doesn't mean you can tussle with a man. Men shouldn't hit women. Women shouldn't make aggressive overtures to men.

2. Alcohol and embarrassing conversations don't mix.
While NeNe would like to blame the fallout from the pajama party on Kenya, the truth is that it was doomed from the start. The alcohol and the conversation were a recipe for an eruption. I mean can you really talk about people's marital status, sexual history and other areas of vulnerability in an environment charged with estrogen, testosterone and cocktail fuse and not expect an explosion? If Kenya's mistake was getting up, then NeNe's mistake was the set up. Sobering conversations require sober people. Real reflection requires deliberate conversation. Sometimes when you turn up, it is real hard to turn down especially when you got the Remy in the system.

3. If you talk shit it will eventually stink.
What's funny to me about the show is that these women talk to their spouses, and sometimes each other, about all of the negative characteristics of the people in the group and then show up together smiling and acting like they didn't say anything. We used to say "Sticks and stones may beak my bones, but words will never hurt me." Not only is that not true, but words shape impressions and attitudes. What I keep trying to figure out about these women is how they expect to stay together while always talking shit about each other when they are not together. Maybe if they don't want their friendships to stink they shouldn't talk so much shit. Just a thought! They look good -- like roses but lean a little bit closer.