05/20/2010 09:38 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

President Obama's Midterm Election Batting Average: .000

A quick question:

If you're a Democrat running for re-election, do you want President Obama campaigning with you? Oh sure, you'll take the fundraising money that comes from a presidential visit but do you actually want him with you side by side? I'm not talking about those Democratic liberals who are relatively safe. I'm talking about those Democrats who may be in trouble.

Look, in an anti-Washington, anti-incumbent mood, a visit by President Obama isn't necessarily high on the priority list. Plus, the President's track record isn't that good. Remember Creigh Deeds in Virginia? O-1. Jon Corzine in New Jersey? 0-2. Martha Coakley in Massachusetts? 0-3. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania? 0-4. (To make matters worse, with Specter Obama was nowhere to be seen on primary day. While Specter was going down in Pennsylvania, the President was in Ohio.) And now what about Blanche Lincoln? Can anyone say 0-5? Granted, the President didn't invest lots of time in the Specter and Lincoln races but that's the point: the President couldn't come to the rescue because he represents Washington now. And oh by the way, the one race where Democrats are all excited about winning (John Murtha's old seat) President Obama didn't even make an appearance even though Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1. Can anyone say "cling to guns and religion"?

The President is simply toxic. In 2008 it was all about "Hope and Change." Now skittish Democrats "hope" he'll stay away. Otherwise the only "change" may be party affiliation in their district.