08/02/2012 06:21 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

An Open Letter: I've Had Enough

An Open Letter to My Friends and Family:

I think I am fed up. Scratch that, I know I am fed up. For the longest time I have been saying that I love and respect you all no matter what, that I respect your opinions, even if they differ from mine. I still believe that, but just not any longer on the subject of LGBT rights. Many of you oppose same-sex marriage but feel gay people deserve rights. You support certain rights but not others. How is this okay? The marriage debate is a huge one, but at the same time all of this is going on, did you know that in over half of our states, it's still okay to be fired from your workplace for being gay? I bet you didn't know that. Did you also know that up until recently there were still sodomy laws in existence in this wonderful, great and free country? Intense right? What about hate crimes? Oh, only some states actually have laws against them.

You see, I am fortunate. Although I live in a state that currently does not offer same-sex marriage, I do live in a state that protects my fundamental basic human rights. What about all the other people out there? Is it fair to them to be discriminated against, fired, bullied, or even killed (just happened last week), for being who they are?

The LGBT community is the last minority to still be fighting for basic human and civil rights. If Chik-fil-A or any other group was blatantly discriminating and promoting hatred towards another minority, the village would be at their door with torches and pitch forks. Why isn't anyone doing that for us?

Instead, what we get is partial support from you. So with your partial support, do you even really mean it, or are you just saving face and being politically correct by granting us one or two victories here and there? Try telling an African-American person they can get married, but just not to someone of a different race. Would they allow that, and still respect your views? Or how about you tell a woman that they are allowed in the work place, but can still be subject to harassment and can't ascend past a certain level, simply because they are female. Would that be tolerated?

Every other minority has had to fight for what they deserve. And believe me, we are, and I am fighting. I am just tired of fighting at your acceptable pace. I am tired of giving in to your half support for what I deserve. Am I not your friend, your family member, a human being? Am I that different from you that I deserve lesser than what everyone else has? How can you justify only supporting certain equalities? That's like you saying to me, "Sure, I support you, just not in that, or that, or even that, but go ahead and have this." You can't pick and choose. It's all or nothing for me from this point on.

Do you really want to be grouped into the wrong the side of history when all of this is just that, history? Do you want to be the folks mentioned in the school books as those who oppressed and denied people their rights? I sure wouldn't. And please, enough with using your religious beliefs as an excuse. That is cowardly and inexcusable. We all have our own belief system. Some are more extreme than others. In the end, I guarantee that whoever you pray to or worship to does not condone hatred. Oh, you don't think you have hatred? Think again. Take a moment and really think about what I just asked you.

So, from this point forward, it's all or nothing. I will not tolerate nor support you only half-ass supporting me. It's not fair to me or my community. That being said, I say this to my community:

Stand up, it's time! Stop pretending you are okay with how things are. If not for yourself, do it for every other LGBT person who is not as fortunate as you. We don't all live in wonderful states. Some of us live in places full of hatred. This isn't just about marriage equality anymore. It's about equality, your basic rights. Stand up for yourself and for your community. I've had enough, haven't you?