12/12/2012 02:41 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Mormons and Gays

Nice try, Mormons, but you have not convinced me of anything with your new website. Lately I have been seeing so many news articles and reports on this change in opinion on homosexuality in the Mormon church. Has anyone actually visited the site before reporting on this so-called "change" that everyone is so quickly blasting social media about? Let's not forget that this is the church that funded Proposition 8 in California and set that state back so many years, forcing it to now fight to regain the right to marry for same-sex couples, which will hopefully be returned this coming June.

Growing up Mormon, I had to live in ultra secrecy with my sexual orientation. Not only did I have to worry about being bullied at school or being disowned by my family because of my sexuality, but I also had to stress about my church finding out and ex-communicating me for being who I was. Years later, when I was out and actually wanted to sever ties with the church, I found out that it was a little harder than just proclaiming to be gay. It took years of letters, in-person meetings and conference calls in which I was told to confess and then change my "lifestyle." So when I read about this website that the church had launched, I was skeptical, and with good reason.

The site is a compilation of videos and resources for existing church members to read, as well as a place for those questioning the church's stance on homosexuality to voice their thoughts. The name of the site, "Mormons and Gays," already made me cringe. But regardless of the title, the site is nothing more than the same thing they have been preaching for years. Watching the videos, I was initially in shock at some of the admissions of thoughts and actions coming from church members, but then, as the videos progressed, I learned how these gay Mormons had repressed their thoughts, vowed to be celibate or eventually found a partner of the opposite sex with whom to live happily ever after and multiply to create a "family."

So what's the point of the website? Mormons are now more open and tolerant to gay people admitting (confessing) their homosexuality? Instead of "pray the gay away" camps and electroshock therapy, they are now just using manipulation to convince you that you are still wrong, and that you will eventually give in and change, arriving at a life full of lies and self-deception. So kudos to you Mormons for your new website. It's a lovely yet pointless form of marketing that will do nothing more than convince members that they are good and tolerant people while still casting out and shaming homosexuals, but in a nicer way.