08/15/2012 04:02 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Your Religion Hurts

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have tried to keep an open mind with my Christian friends. I have given them the opportunity to state their case, as some has afforded me the same courtesy. What I have gathered from my lovely friends is that not all Christians are hateful. Each one defended his or her case with examples and articles and even scripture.

I am convinced that indeed, there are good, loving Christians in the world, and fortunately, the majority of my God-fearing friends are among them. But then there are the rest of them. It's been suggested that there is currently a culture war happening between Christians and LGBT people. I ask my Christian friends: Who started this so-called war, and why? It may be time for a wake-up call. Take a moment and look at your fellow Christians. They are the ones causing all this hatred and angst; they are the ones not loving their neighbors; and they are the ones using the Bible to defend pure hatred.

I use the word "hate" and get a lot of criticism for it, but,I only call it like I feel it. This isn't just about same-sex marriage anymore. It's about Christians not being Christians. Going out of your way to eat a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich in the name of the First Amendment is a false truth to everyone and to yourself. Do you realize how hurtful that was for us on the other side of the battle? Was eating a sandwich so important to you that you had to hurt your friends, your family members, just to prove a point? All that was accomplished that day was the creation of even more hostility between the LGBT community and the faith-based community.

One of my friends sent me a link to an article written by a Christian who was not thrilled with his fellow lovers of God for going out of their way to eat at Chick-fil-A that one day. I was inspired and almost felt as if I had possibly overstepped my position for a brief moment. But then I read the comments. Wow. I couldn't believe what people wrote. You don't think we feel hated or unloved? You are wrong. And your fellow Christians are the reason we feel the way we do. I was completely appalled by what I read.

I am by no means condemning my friends who love Christ and follow the path they feel they need to. I actually encourage faith. It's a wonderful and powerful tool when used in a way that your "Creator" would have wanted you to interpret his teachings. But when selective scriptures are turned against your fellow man, only to outcast, humiliate, and ultimately hurt them, that is where I draw the line, and yes, I will hold you partially responsible for allowing those within your circle to stray so far away from the intended messages.

So here is my message to my Christian friends: If you love us so much and support us wholeheartedly, then stand up for us. Do not allow the fanatics to taint your goodness. That is precisely what is happening. Each day, all we see and read about are religious fanatics condemning us and casting us off to hell. And each day, I personally resent Christianity for it more and more. The pain they are causing is absolutely unbearable to some and sadly causes a mutual hatred. I can't imagine that was in God's plan.

I'm not casting out religion, and I am not claiming to be all-knowing, but take a moment and just think about how hurtful your religion can be.