11/05/2007 04:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

SNL Nails MSM for Coddling Hillary

As Senator Mike Gravel's Communications Director, I would like to thank SNL for Saturday's sketch in which Brian Williams tells the presidential candidates that the media are coddling Hillary.

"Gentlemen, I'm going to have to run; I have a 15-minute pre-debate interview with Senator Clinton, we're going to ask her about her first 100 days in office," Williams says. "I wish you all good luck tonight, though we, again, in the media have pretty much made up our minds to go with Senator Clinton. We'll see you in a few minutes."

Unfortunately the media's protection of Hillary is no joke. Mike angered powerful people when he confronted Hillary over Iran during last month's debate. Up to that moment the Clinton juggernaut was rolling over everyone. And then shortly before last week's debate, NBC conjured up arbitrary requirements specifically designed to exclude Gravel.

NBC brass wasn't amused by SNL's sketch and had Youtube pull the video. (They apparently have no problem with youtube showing Obama's SNL appearance.)

Now it seems that CNN has decided to exclude him from this month's debate.

Even if you don't support Mike, surely you can see the danger of allowing corporate media giants to narrow the national political discussion. Before we lecture other nations about democracy, maybe we should get our own house in order.