01/30/2012 06:00 pm ET Updated Mar 31, 2012

From Jules Manson to Jan Brewer to Mike O'Neal: When Will the Disrespecting of the Office of the President End?

What are we saying to the young people of this country when our top elected officials are allowed to behave as if they're on a reality show? And, where do we draw the line between "free speech" and treason? It's bad enough when a meatball like Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) is overheard saying Mrs. Obama has a "big butt," as if she were a substitute teacher. But, when failed Tea Party candidate Jules Manson openly calls for the assassination of the president and his children -- is that not treason? Is requesting your constituents pray for the death of your boss, not mutiny?

The immaturity and downright ugliness recently demonstrated by Kansas House Speaker Mike O'Neal can only leave one to wonder: How many other ill-informed decisions has this crackpot made when it comes to national policy? Let's not forget, just a short time before, he referred to the First Lady as, "Mrs. YoMama."

It's one thing to do it behind closed doors. It's another when the House Speaker of your state acts like a six-year-old and uses his time in office to send official emails mocking the president and First Lady, going as far as to ask other elected officials to pray for the demise of their Commander-in-Chief. And, I'm sorry, but a simple "I'm sorry" just won't do. Because we all know he's not. And, even if he was, the fact that this guy is still allowed to show up for work each morning is a slap in the face of everything his office represents. If a guy at an insurance agency in Passaic, N.J., is caught mocking his boss on company time, isn't he as good as gone? Why then, is the House Speaker of Kansas still there after calling for the death of the President of the United States?

Whether he was serious or joking is irrelevant. The legal definition of "Conduct Unbecoming" is conduct on the part of a certified professional that is contrary to the interests of the public served. And, he's definitely guilty of that. Mr. O'Neal crossed a line that no politician should be allowed to cross, and he should be removed from office immediately, if not sooner -- if nothing else, to set a precedent that this type of behavior will not be tolerated at the highest levels of our government. These are the people we're entrusting to save the world? 'Mr. Speaker, there's been a dirty bomb attack in Manhattan.' 'Hang on a sec. I just wanna send this photo of Obama's head on a donkey to Boehner. Done! Now, what were you saying?'

Whether it's O'Neal or Manson or Sensenbrenner, or Brewer and her pointy finger, they're all just additional examples of a growing line of prominent politicians who seem bent on openly disrespecting, thus undermining, the president (let's not even discuss Trump or Taitz). Is it going to take Boehner putting a "Kick Me" sign on Obama's back during the State of the Union before some sort of order and respect is restored? Shouldn't our politicians be held to stricter ethical standards, than say, a guy who drives a beer truck?

It's a blemish on the Obama administration that began when Mitch McConnell almost gleefully stated his main objective was to make sure Obama was a "one-term president." Right there, Obama should have put his might to use and called McConnell out for betraying the very people who elected him to do a job that he openly admitted he wasn't going to do. Now look where we are. The students have no respect for the teacher.

When you see emails, tweets, and video clips attempting to undermine the authority of the president on a weekly basis, it's almost like the fabric of the nation's conscience is being torn. If our own top officials can put the man who represents our country's integrity in a virtual "dunking booth," without any fear of real reprisal, it's anarchy. If a member of Parliament walked up and knocked the crown off the Queen's head, you can bet there'd be hell to pay. These instances are no different, yet, it's like Obama is a Tri-Lamb and McConnell, Boehner, and the rest of the peanut gallery, are the Alpha Betas walking around smacking him in the back of the head. How can we expect a class of first graders to get along when they see their own leaders tripping each other and shooting spitballs every chance they get? These clowns had better be called to the principle's office before it's too late.