01/20/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Guilty pleasure

Climate change denialism is falling on hard times, what with the financial crisis and lower fuel prices, it is becoming harder and harder to fund the level of noisy and willfully pig-ignorant denialism in the face of irrefutable evidence that has prevented serious action on global warming all around the world for so long now. So I would like to help. Oh, I know I am usually known for my warning of climate change dangers, and for my occasionally vicious attacks on denialists, but a good prosecution lawyer should be willing to occasionally act to defend any client. Even someone as guilty as sin is entitled to a good lawyer, and I am good. Also it's nearly Christmas, and I am as fond of this pagan festival and its traditions as any other atheist. So by way of my gift to the soon to be impoverished oil and coal companies, I have written a plan for a as-cheap-as-nuclear-power denialism institute. The others will be folding up soon as the money dries up like an offshore oil well, so I have created a kind of do-it-yourself model that could be started for almost nothing.

If you are a conservationist and likely to be offended by someone providing aid and comfort to the enemy, then read no further, and I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Copenhagen in 2009. But if you are an oil company representative (and although this is freeware if you able to make a donation it would be appreciated), or an out of work denialist looking for gainful employment, then ENTER HERE.