07/03/2013 10:23 am ET Updated Sep 02, 2013

GSPM FULL SPECTRUM: Picking Susan Rice -- Bad Political Choice


The GSPM FULL SPECTRUM is a monthly survey of timely political, legislative and public affairs events or people conducted by America's top graduate school for politics, advocacy and strategic public relations. The GSPM FULL SPECTRUM surveys the attitudes, insights and experiences of students, alumni, faculty and staff of America's top graduate school for politics, advocacy and strategic public relations. Many of Washington's most well-connected and influential are participants.

Was it a good political decision by President Obama to nominate Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor and have her leave her post as UN Ambassador?

Yes 40%
No 47%
Don't Know/No opinion 13%

Please rate how the national media has responded to each of the Administration's so-called "scandals" in the last week?

Too much focus About the right amount Too little

(Issue) The Department of Justice decision to obtain records
of home, office, and cellphone lines used by AP reporters

11.32% 47.17% 39.62%

(Issue) The Benghazi attack (talking points and decision to stand
down from using military force)

39.62% 28.30% 30.19%

(Issue) Revelations that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
targeted conservative groups, seeking tax-exempt status

24.35% 41.51% 32.08%

(Issue) Data mining of private communications by NSA and other parts of the U.S. Government

15.09% 50.94% 32.08%

Since last month, how would you view the impact of each so-called 'scandals' on the ability of the Obama Administration to govern?

Issue gotten worse / Stayed the same / Gotten better / Don't Know or No opinion

DOJ/AP 37.74% 45.28% 13.21% 3.77%
Benghazi 15.09% 49.06% 32.08% 3.77%
IRS 56.60% 22.64% 18.87% 1.89%
Data Mining/
NSA 74.47% 16.98% 5.66% 1.89%

Has New Jersey Governor Chris Christie helped or hurt himself for 2016 with his decision to have the election for the open Senate seat one month before the voters decide whether to return him to office?

Helped 40%
Hurt 36%
Don't know/no opinion 25%

Since the beginning of the year, is it your perception that the media is...

More partisan 34%
Less partisan 09%
About the same degree
as in previous years 57%

What is the best option for any outside nation or international organization in handling the situation in Syria?

Do nothing 13%
Create a 'no fly" zone 25%
Conduct airstrikes
against the Assad
government 08%
Sponsor negotiations 19%
Other 17%
Don't know/No opinion 19%

*Other comments include:

"Provide support to the armed rebels to overthrow Assad."
"Broaden negotiations that include China, Russia and will provide for Assad's departure and end arms supply to the Assad regime."
"Don't let this become another WWI proxy war."
"Bring atrocities to light and win international support for action, continue to arm rebels and create no fly zone if necessary."

What advice would you give Speaker of the House John Boehner as he communicates House GOP activities to the American people? (Please indicate your party before your answer, i.e., REPUBLICAN - "Boehner should...")

Democrat: "Boehner should be more direct with House Republican Caucus Members urging them to proceed more carefully during scandal investigations, not to lead the public and draw conclusions before the facts are well established."

Republican: "Go after Obama."

Democrat: "Stay on message, and keep the focus on jobs, national security, and civil liberties. Reining [Rep.] Issa in will be important, as left to his own devices, he will go off the rails."

Republican: "Convince his Members to stop talking about numbers and start talking about why those budget numbers matter to the average person. For instance, we all know that debt is bad - not everyone knows why it is bad.

Democrat: "Boehner should have a 'come to Jesus moment' with the Tea Party and pass comprehensive immigration reform."

Non-affiliated: "Boehner should talk about what the GOP is doing besides attacking the President."

Republican: "The Speaker should continue to low-key GOP priorities while the Administration scrambles to deal with the various scandals. There is no way to break through the clutter, so don't bother trying."

Independent: "John Boehner should frame the GOP as being involved in issues that concern all American citizens, not just those on the right. He should show that the GOP can effectively work on non-partisan and bi-partisan issues rather than focus on polarizing issues just to make the current Administration unsuccessful."

What advice would you give to President Obama and his Administration to manage impacts of the scandals? (Please indicate your party before your answer, i.e., Democrat - "The President should...")

Democrat: "The President should be transparent, but also focus on his agenda to show they are not distractions."

Republican: "Fire somebody."

Independent: "The President should release any and all information related to the scandals, punish anyone who has broken the law, and offer to fix problems with the system if fixes are needed."

Democrat: "The President should keep his head down, forget the other scandals and focus on PRISM."

Republican: "The President should move quickly to remove staff who made the bad decisions and apologize. The sooner the(y) admit they've made mistakes, the sooner these problems go away. Pretending all of this doesn't matter will make for a completely failed second term."

Independent: "POTUS needs to be clear on what (if any) risks to personal privacy data mining has. He needs to position himself so citizens can make a clear distinction between national security measures and invasions of privacy."

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