10/03/2014 04:11 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2014

Life Isn't Perfect... And That's OK!

Without realizing it we are constantly evaluating our own behavior, successes and "perceived" failures. This is how we have been conditioned. It's time for a change.

We have a self-obligation to be all that we can be! Striving to enhance our lives leads to greater fulfillment. In this digital age we talk about things going viral. Happiness, joy and laughter spread like wildfire. Let's take the opportunity to create viral moments.

The first step in our journey is removing the word judgmental from our vocabulary as we position ourselves to enjoy life's abundance.

Words have a way of entering and controlling our psyche. Eliminate them and their power tends to dissipate. Focus on a state of well-being -- what's happening in my life -- not why is this happening?

A wonderful by-product of this is that those we care about will benefit as well for they have the opportunity to share in our joy and not be subjected to analysis or evaluation. Live and let live is a great philosophy.

When one thinks in "moments" and not "milestones" the frame of reference is a short and non-judgmental one.

Of course striving for perfection can be beneficial as long as we keep it in perspective. Not that we need or will ever achieve the precision or flawlessness we seek. It's illusory and unimportant in the scheme of things.

Living is all about the journey. Simply sitting back and letting things happen doesn't yield the quality of life to which most of us aspire.

Approaching life with excited anticipation, not too seriously and with a sense of humor reaps huge dividends.

Pausing and pondering allows for the realization that the "perfection" we desire is intangible. We're all looking for something more out of our daily existence. When we make an effort to create positive change we open up the opportunity to experience life to its fullest.

One thing for sure -- whatever our goals, they should be based upon what's "real" for us without thought about how others may perceive all that we do. When the day of reckoning comes the question will be did you live life as you felt you should -- not as others decreed?

The old adage "to thine own self be true" is an apt one. As we follow our heart opportunities continually present themselves. Picture life as a synergistic ball of energy. The more we pursue that which we enjoy our joie de vivre grows exponentially and increases the opportunity for success and satisfaction.

Mindfulness is a state of being that has recently achieved universal recognition. The concept certainly applies to the Huffington Post section -- "Moments Not Milestones." When we live in the moment we are afforded the opportunity to appreciate all that we are experiencing in a snapshot of time.

We're not evaluating and judging ourselves by what we have accomplished. Rather we are experiencing the raw energy and gratitude of what is happening at a given moment. Judgmental is a word that doesn't enter the equation.

Appreciation is what we experience. More often than not we find so much positive to take-away from a given occasion. We gain a deeper appreciation of all that is working in our life.

There will always be isolated moments that are unsatisfying. This in itself allows us the opportunity to reflect. Life challenges allow us to become cognizant of what is not working as well as we'd like. At times this is even more valuable than experiencing all that is going just as expected.

There's a reason for this. Most of us live in a perpetual state of "free floating" anxiety. This is simply being anxious in a generalized manner. It's very hard to deal with intangibles.

Living in the moment and allowing ourselves to experience what is not working allows for elucidation and clarification.

This in turn affords us the opportunity to alter our thinking or change direction and address that which is a challenge. There is nothing more rewarding than identifying and overcoming things that are causing us worry or angst.

How great it is to be able to identify stressors and then move to eradicate them. It can be fun and imminently satisfying.

Looking at the term "moment" again, we realize we are focusing on a minute aspect of our life. We might refer to it as a microcosm. There's no time to be judgmental.

When we examine "milestones," we open up an entirely different internal dialogue.

Milestones are great. They signify accomplishments that have been met. Yet life is really made up of a series of moments. Small, often inconsequential yet capable of bringing much joy and happiness without the need for long term evaluation or comparison.

How much enjoyment could be experienced if you set a goal to pause for a few minutes every day and live in the moment becoming aware of that which is rooting around at the subconscious or pre-conscious level?

The opportunity for enhanced joyousness and happiness will be multiplied as you allow yourself to become fully cognizant of what you are experiencing at a given point in time.

Take your life off cruise control -- stop and smell the roses! Give yourself the opportunity to get in touch with the inner you. What you'll find is life is really much better and more enjoyable than you ever imagined -- particularly as you appreciate all the small things.

The best part of it is that these isolated moments are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Experience, enjoy them and watch as they create a vast and colorful mosaic that is your life.

As you do this you'll become thankful for the little things that occur on a daily basis and bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment as you breathe the refreshing air of self-enlightenment.

Embrace acceptance and the willingness to explore and experience -- a potent life affirming elixir.

Live each moment for yourself, don't over analyze and you'll find a source of untapped wealth that can be enjoyed and shared with all those you care about!