02/29/2016 01:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sit Your Parents Down and Read Them the Riot Act!

Hey Mom and Dad I'm having this talk with you for your own good.

Please really listen to me!


I'm voting for Bernie Sanders! He wants to shake things up.

With all your activism through the years have you truly seen systemic change in our political system or is it just painstakingly slow progress in some things and even worse, regression in others?

You told me I could achieve anything and taught me not to accept the status quo. Yet here I am a college graduate with debt that gives me nightmares, I can't find decent work, global warming is destroying the world, we've got the worst terrorism our country has ever known, and a nation so divided I feel like we are near a civil war.

I'm not blaming you personally -- you did your best. I'm telling you this for your own good and it hurts me more than it does you to say this -- but your generation royally screwed up. Things seem much worse now than any stories you ever told me.

I'm scared about my future. I'm not sure who to blame. How will my kids ever afford college?

The politicians only seem to represent their party. You and my grandparent's generation often don't vote in Congressional elections. Then you complain about your representatives.

I don't blame you for this. I know you have lots of pressure in your life. Maybe I even cause a little bit of it.

I'm tired of hearing young people won't show up at the polls. We're motivated just like Baby Boomers were in the '60s and '70s. They made a difference, and I think we're even more committed. Maybe it's because the stakes are greater.

I'm really disappointed that you don't seem to have the strength of your convictions. You tell me you really like what Bernie Sanders says but you're not voting for him in the primary. You feel he won't win it so why waste your vote.

You taught me to follow my convictions. If everyone has the attitude that change is impossible then there will be no change.

You also taught me to be an analytical progressive thinker. I've been following the Presidential Primaries very carefully and listening to the candidates.

The Republicans seem to be holding a circus side show. And none of them represent the ideals you fostered in me.

Mom, are you happy with the state of the nation right now? Dad, do you see much difference between the politicians of your generation and mine?

You taught me to be open and to challenge and question the status quo. I'm doing that.

I've analyzed the political scene. I've listened to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. And here's what I've noticed.

Whenever Hillary speaks I agree with most of her ideas. She's done a lot for many diverse groups of people and I can't argue with her experience. She would probably be a fine leader... in the traditional sense. And, if she is my only choice I'll vote for her.

But to be honest, I'm not excited by her and she doesn't seem sincere. Other than her progressive views (which are great) she seems to be part of the political establishment that you've complained about for years.

She wants change, but in little steps. She says that's the only way to accomplish things. I just don't agree! Do you really think in this divided nation it will be easier for Hillary? The Republicans have had a vendetta for her for about 25 years. She claims she can negotiate with them.

Come on, do you really think they will give her a chance?

Did they give President Obama a chance or did Mitch McConnell say from day one it would be his mission to see that Obama was a one term president!

Bernie's calling for a revolution!

I listen to him and he makes me feel good. What he says resonates. I kind of feel like I'm talking with my Uncle. I'm not sure why, I think it's that he seems so sincere. I've also researched his record. Unlike the other politicians he hasn't changed his values. Of course he's evolved through the years, but his core principles have never changed.

When I watch him at the debates and town halls I know he's speaking from his heart. Isn't that important?

Hillary and Bernie agree on a lot. But it's where they don't agree that hits home with me.

Bernie knows it takes big dreams to create change. He knows it won't happen overnight. You say he is unrealistic, making promises he can't keep. He'll never get anything passed through Congress. Wow what if Martin Luther King Jr. listened to his critics and didn't dream big!

We need a leader that is both pragmatic and incredibly innovative One who exhibits seasoned judgment, a knowledge of what can happen in the short term and who can accomplish this all while reaching for the stars.

When we have children starving in this country, home grown terrorists, an evaporating middle class, no jobs and inequality in so many aspects of our life we need a revolution. How can we not find the will and money to make this happen?

Bernie speaks to me and my generation!

He admits he can't make all these changes alone. Not if he tries to only work in the system like Hillary.

His revolution is a call to arms to get citizens involved and protesting by the millions. For years now politicians have been promising change but the political system has only gotten worse. I can't believe how divided as a nation we seem to have become.

I have friends with all different views and we seem to get along just fine. It seems like the politicians have their own agenda and are trying to polarize us.

In fact, I think there may even be quite a bit of common ground between young Democrats and Republicans once we all know we are being heard. Perhaps there will be less vitriol in our generation if we are taken seriously. And I don't mean politicians pandering to us just to get our vote.

But we can't wait any longer. Sometimes it seems like the stars are aligned and big change is on the horizon. You just have to take a stance and act.

Mom and Dad, let me ask you a question. Are you really comfortable with the world your grandchildren are going to grow up in? Do you really think electing a moderate politician will change anything in your or our lifetime?

Most of the polls show that the Democrats of your generation support Hillary, but not with great excitement. Millennials are really excited about Bernie. We want to take the lessons you taught us and become involved.

We want to give back our nation to the people. We believe Bernie will help make that happen.

I feel energized when I listen to him speak. So do my friends. Democrats win when there are big voter turnouts. We'll all be there for Bernie!

I've taken your advice on most things for years. Now I'm asking you to take mine. If you like what Bernie has to say, and in you heart of hearts you'd like to see him President, ignore your friends who say he can't win the primary. Be true to your ideals.

I know you will do the right thing!