01/08/2013 01:21 pm ET Updated Mar 10, 2013

Bullets for Gun Control

If a nation of reasonable citizens -- of loving parents and grandparents -- can get organized, we really should have a shot at overcoming the NRA/gun-seller alliance and achieving a semblance of sane gun control in this country. We really should have a shot!

We certainly have the bullets...

  • What "well regulated Militia"?
  • What "Arms"?
  • If not all "Arms" -- not nuclear, not chemical, not biological -- then why semi-automatic with high-capacity magazines?
  • Semi-automatic weapons with high-capacity magazines are not for hunting anything but people. They make a helluva mess out of a duck or a deer.
  • Semi-automatic weapons with high-capacity magazines are weapons of choice in the massacre of assembled innocents.
  • Semi-automatic weapons with high-capacity magazines almost never figure in effective self-defense.
  • Even trained professionals caught up in a massacre have difficulty using a gun to put an end to it.
  • More guns = more dead people. Period.
  • Fewer guns = fewer dead people. Period.
  • More good guys with guns = more dead people, including good guys.
  • More bad guys with guns = more dead people, including good guys.
  • More good guys with guns = more bad guys with guns.
  • Gun sellers prefer to blame violent media, while using violent media to help sell guns. Hypocrisy, anyone?
  • If violent media encourage use of guns, and guns are used to kill -- doesn't it make sense to address the flow of both?
  • We can improve mental health care in this country and control gun sales. Our cars do not come with a choice between brakes or steering.
  • The notion that weapons like the ever-popular Bushmaster model used in the Sandy Hook massacre have any legitimate use in civilian hands is the effective marketing of a money-making fantasy, just like the sale of Hummers to people who never drive off suburban streets, and the sale of sports drinks to those whose greatest athletic feat is walking from the couch to the fridge to get one.
  • We risk the lives of our soldiers around the world looking for weapons of mass destruction, while risking the lives of our children by putting weapons of mass destruction into circulation in our own neighborhoods.
  • Which matters more to us: the money to be made selling guns, or the lives of our children? How much money has to be made to justify the death of a single child?
This is just a sampling; there are plenty more bullets where these come from. We have the bullets; we really ought to have a shot.


Dr. David L. Katz;