04/06/2011 10:48 am ET Updated Jun 06, 2011

Don't Call Them Entitlements

Once again the Republicans have framed the public debate.

"Entitlements"? What are entitlements? Being cared for when we are sick? Having enough money so we can eat and have shelter?

Entitlements suggests a spoiled child who can't control himself. Entitlements suggest indulgence. Entitlements are selfish, unreasonable and immoral.

When conservatives proudly crow about their ever-increasing budget cutting plans--$30 billion! No, $60 billion. No, $100 billion. No, that's not enough. $4 trillion. Picker. $6 trillion--they take on the mantel of the morally just.

With all due respect, bullshit!

The tax cuts for the rich have gotten us into this budgetary crisis. Tax policy that allows corporations like General Electric to pay no taxes have pushed us to the brink.

Read my lips. It's the revenue stream that has created the problem.

In the conservative dream-state, there is no EPA, no Department of Education, no rules and regulations protecting the environment and consumers.

An unfettered free market gives us heaven on earth.

The 2012 proposed Republican budget argues that if less money is available for health care, then the market will create competition which will drive down costs. Funny, that hasn't worked so well now. Ask anyone who buys health care insurance on the open market.

When Obama was forced to accept the renewal of the tax cuts for the rich, the Republicans had a win-win. They paid off their wealthy supporters with the lowest tax rates in 50 years and they added to the national debt, giving them their hobby-horse issue that we see them riding madly now.

Hey, Democrats, let's get real, time for a little framing-the-public-debate ourselves. The "entitlements" are the tax cuts for the rich and tax loop holes for corporations.