12/14/2011 10:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Watch: Lizard Plays Video Game

This week's Animal Oddity is about a lizard that shows some "mad skillz" playing a video game.

In the video below, a guy presents his insect-eating bearded dragon lizard with a video game called "Ant Crusher" where realistic-looking ants crawl across the screen. I've never played the game before but based on the name, I assume you need to squish as many of the virtual ants as possible to earn points.

As evidence that bearded dragons have great eyesight -- not to mention amazing eye-tongue coordination -- the poor lizard hungrily attempts to gobble up the virtual ants.

She's pretty good at it too. I don't think she missed any.

I just hope he fed her some real insects after her impressive performance with the game!

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