08/31/2015 04:07 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2016

From the Land of Mass Expulsions

The Land of Mass Expulsions is an Ancient Wonderland attracting over the ages visitors from all corners of the globe. Notable guests have included despots, freedom fighters, world leaders, religious bodies, and terrorists to name a few. What they have had in common is a misplaced desire to claim for their kind their own territory by pushing out those who obviously do not belong.

Into this tried and tested approach enters one Donald Trump and his minions. They have concluded on behalf of the rest of us that those amongst us who have no papers, and a journalist who doesn't need any, should be forcefully removed from the Land of the Free and the Brave. They do not belong, they are not our kind and, to paraphrase them, they do us more harm than good.

We Americans are more prone to place Native-Americans in Reservations, Japanese-Americans in Concentration Camps, African-Americans and others in the Prison Industrial Complex, and foreign national mothers with children in private detention facilities. And, yes, we know a thing or two about "Population Transfers." In the 1930s, in the wake of the Great Depression, we forcibly transferred a population of between 500,000 to two million Mexicans across the border. It has been estimated that 50% of those repatriated without due process were full-fledged American Citizens (are there any other kind?). So perhaps Trump and his campaign highly appreciate the various ways we can make America great again. Except, who asked them?