09/11/2013 10:39 pm ET Updated Nov 11, 2013

15 Possible Ways That Breaking Bad Could End

1. Paula Deen becomes the next meth cook and overnight becomes the most popular white woman in America.

2. Pinkman goes to prison and becomes Uncle Jesse in a very full house.

3. To make sure no one in America will ever sees him again, Walt moves the show to Al Jazeera.

4. Walt leaves in search of great theater and fine dining in Albuquerque and is never seen or heard of again.

5. A new law firm: Heisenberg, Goodman and Pinkman.

6. The show comes back with Huell as its star and becomes "Breaking Bed."

7. Every single DEA agent in New Mexico corners Walt, aims their weapons and then suddenly turn and shoot Skylar.

8. Guy Fieri tries his hand at cooking and the show becomes Diners, Dives and Drugs.

9. Walt returns to school and becomes a High School Meth Teacher.

10. Breaking Bad spins off a new network: Cartelevision.

11. Walt takes on a new identity as a New Jersey barber turned singer, Perry Chemo.

12. Walt and Heisenberg become doppelgang bangers.

13. 500 cars and trucks get a top off from Walt's carpet.

14. Donald Trump is willing to throw money from his car as long as Melania catches it in a butterfly net.

15. Walt admits drugging A-Rod.