07/01/2013 04:15 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2013


So suddenly Google Glass isn't the most important glass of the century. It's the one that will get stepped on at the end of the Jewish same sex marriage ceremony. We didn't just break through the glass ceiling- -w e broke the glass that EVERY human being American is entitled too and their union, where legal, will now be protected by law. How cool is this? No more Domarriage! Hello Domastic bliss! Doma and ma belong together? You bet! Finally! Marriage is officially a rainbow connection.

In honor of this piece I'm BLASTING a Broadway musical into my head via my headphones. In this case it's Les Miz.. .but for this piece let's call it, "Lez Ms." Now I may spontaneously start singing because Broadway music is that one good healthy virus that causes spontaneous joy. And hey, I'm a straight guy -- who is cute as a button and available!

Here's the thing: I worked as a gainfully employed writer for almost twenty years in Hollywood. I was there over a 30 year weekend and would have left earlier, but I just couldn't find my keys. But having lived amongst the natives, here's the thing: we've been loving and accepting our gay brothers and sisters forever. We've celebrated their unions, loved their children, sung at the piano of their parties, wished that we had their bodies and good looks, worked with them, laughed and cried with them and you know what? It was great.

We have not just smashed through the glass ceiling here -- we have STOMPED on the glass that gets broken at the end of my people's marriage ceremony. But still I feel for all the members of my community who were never to live openly and freely and instead lived in a drunken haze of torment like Montgomery Cliff or Charles Laughton to name a few. But finally -- the Doris Day of reckoning has come and now our world is being forced to live fairly with acceptance and common decency. The gay community are our American brothers and sisters and have LONG deserved the same rights that you and I have from day one. And now the Constitution has their back. So get ready for all the engaygments!!!

We won't win over instantly. Let's not forget that the ten states that went for Romney were the same states that seceded from the Union during the Civil War. And we all know about Paula Dean -- (I'm guessing that when she said she was slaving away all day in the kitchen, we know what she really meant). But her having to Re-Dean herself comes at a very good time because kids, the old ways of the conservatives and my buddies of the GOP are so over. The times are changing and what was once upon a time accepted behavior is no longer acceptable. You can't use that excuse anymore. Do I hate Paula? Nope. I think she knows what she has been taught and she is getting herself one huge public education via public execution. But she is not a hateful person -- just Southern glass bubbled cut off from real life. She didn't want to give you diabetes by cooking with cow and pig fat. She was just home grown. But as we know in this age home grown means something entirely different in our lives now.

So why not start anew here? Leave Paula the hell alone and let her go mend her Tom Sawyer fences and let's not just move on to the Trayvon Martin trial as our next gossipy snarky party show. And let's now get all caught up in the idiotic nonsense that is about to be spewed by say Michelle Bachmann and her God loving crew because frankly she and they ignore Jesus on an almost hourly rate publicly. Forgiveness. Acceptance. And hey, are they aware that their God ain't the only God in the God business? And while I'm on a good rant, hey Warner Brothers: Superman as Jesus? Really? Schuster and Seigal, two Jewish boys from Cleveland created Superman as a way of escaping from the beatings and humiliation that they suffered at the hands of Jew baiting/hating peers. Superman is a Jew my friends. Just like American comedy is Jewish -- with few exceptions. Superman+comedy = Jerry Seinfeld.

Our earth has just tilted on its axis so why don't we stop sitting in the Coliseum for two minutes and quit obsessing over which Hollywood gladiator should live or die while we stuff our pusses with the just back Twinky and bask in the glow of the human heart that this week is beating just a little bit louder.

Love won. Right won. We all won