10/30/2012 04:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

SIC Interview With Richard "Koci" Hernandez

"You can never get bitten in the ass when you ride the wave of technology" -- Koci

Richard is one of those professionals I admire. With over 163,000 followers on Instagram, Richard "Koci" Hernandez has become the voice of the next wave of photography. He jumped tracks from being behind the camera as a photojournalist to become a professor of new media at Berkeley.

By approaching new media with a youthfulness that is inspiring, Koci is helping others unlock the potential of mobile imagery. His session at the Seattle Interactive Conference was jam-packed and I can see why. With a mantra of just do it, do not over think it... jump in -- he is the perfect person to lead the next generation of "doers

Watch to find out what the future of the image is all about: