11/05/2013 02:24 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2013

SIC Shingerview: Michelle Goldberg, Ignition & Rebecca Kaden, Maveron

A fun part of the Seattle Interactive Conference this year was the AT&T Wearables Hackathon. I had the opportunity to sit and chat with two of the hackathon's judges, venture capitalists Michelle Goldberg, Partner at Ignition, and Rebecca Kaden, Principal at Maveron. I spoke with Michelle and Rebecca on the future of wearables and what they are looking for in the current climate.

Wearables are "on the horizon, and as VC's we look at things that may be able to be commercial a little bit earlier," Michelle said. Rebecca reinforced that, "We are very focused on looking at things that can attack big -- and also growing categories."

Watch, as I talk to them about the state of investing in wearable technologies and where they see the physical device space heading.