11/05/2012 09:06 am ET Updated Jan 05, 2013

SIC Video Interview With Clark Kokich, Chairman of Razorfish

It's not surprising that the man behind one of the first digital shops recently published the world's first full-length interactive business book exclusively to the iPad.

Clark Kokich, Chairman of Razorfish, chatted with me just before he was getting on stage to share "the view from the corner office." He used this phrase that I love "a digital cocoon" -- essentially the endless interactive brand components that now surround a product. This digital cocoon has forever changed the way marketers share their products with consumers forcing them to move away from decades of proven practices. His job is to help marketers get comfortable in this new world, and it's my job to make sure I stay up to date with what this man sees for the future. If Clark envisions it, it will come.