11/04/2007 12:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

In Iowa Speech, Edwards Demands Answers From Clinton On NAFTA Expansion

This press release just came across the transom...looks like America's NAFTA-style trade policy is taking center stage in the presidential contest and shocker - Hillary Clinton is trying to hide.

Here's the release:


Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Today, in Charles City, Iowa, Senator John Edwards made the followed statement calling on Senator Clinton to take a stand on whether she is for or against the Peru trade deal, which would expand the NAFTA model:

"I grew up in Carolina mill towns and I've seen firsthand the devastating impact trade can have on American workers and their communities. America is bleeding jobs. Now, more than ever, it is time we take a clear stand against the Peru trade deal and any other NAFTA-like trade agreements that will needlessly cost America more jobs and hurt middle class and working families.

"Sadly, Senator Obama has chosen to support the Peru trade deal. While I am disappointed by his choice, and I hope he reconsiders, at least he has taken a position. Unfortunately, Senator Hillary Clinton still refuses to say whether she is for or against the Peru trade deal.

"On all issues, whether it is Iraq, Iran, Social Security or trade, voters deserve straight talk and a leader who will have the strength to tell voters where they stand.

"I believe the Peru trade deal continues failed trade policies. It is wrong for America, and I strongly oppose it. As president, I will promote smart and safe policies by negotiating better deals and rejecting bad deals, enforcing the terms of those deals, helping dislocated workers and communities and ensuring the products sold to American families are safe.

"For the sake of hard-working families in Iowa and all across America, I hope that Senator Clinton will finally take a stand, do what is right and join me in strongly opposing the Peru trade deal."

Stay tuned - the Peru deal is expected to be voted on this week. We'll see what happens. But no matter how any of the presidential candidates vote, it is already clear that Clinton refuses to take a leadership role on these, the most important economic issues facing the middle class. She's surrounded by the Wall Street wing of her party - and though her rhetoric has been nice, she is making clear where her real loyalties lie.

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