07/03/2006 01:49 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Take Action: Tell the DSCC to Respect CT Voters and Uphold Its Mission

Desperate people do desperate things, and desperate career politicians do downright disgusting things, especially when they are trying to cling to power. Sen. Joe Lieberman's move to leave the Democratic Party today is the act of a defeated man so focused on holding onto Connecticut's Senate seat that he is trying to thwart the will of voters. According to the Boston Globe, Lieberman says that if he loses the Democratic Party primary at the polls, he will try to run as an independent - a move that officially means he is leaving the party and trying to invalidate the party's democratic primary election. The question now is what will the Democratic Party in Washington do?

As I wrote in the Hartford Courant yesterday, Lieberman is a man who has totally lost touch with ordinary citizens. He is a man focused on making Washington operatives, lobbyists and pundits happy by using Connecitcut's Senate seat to advocate for policies that his constituents do not support. He is a man more interested in clinging to his own power than in helping the party that nominated him Vice President, working for his constituents, or respecting the will of voters.

So again, what will the Democratic Party in Washington do? Will the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee back Lieberman if Lieberman loses the Democratic Party primary? After all, the DSCC itself claims that its "mission is to elect more Democrats to the United States Senate." So, will the DSCC uphold its mission, respect the will of Democratic Party voters in Connecticut and back the Democratic nominee, even if it is Ned Lamont? Or, will the DSCC succumb to Washington insiderism and back Lieberman, even if he loses the Democratic Party primary and leaves the party?

It's time to take action. Call the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee at 202-224-2447 or email them here. Tell the party's insiders in Washington that they should issue an official statement immediately promising to uphold their own mission statement, back Connecticut's Democratic Senate nominee and not back someone who, after losing a Democratic Party primary, would leave the Democratic Party in order to cling to power.