09/10/2014 06:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Georgia Tech Computer Science Wins the World Championship!

Georgia Tech team Yellow Jackets beat an incredibly competitive field to win the Windward Studios Code War with an impressive 102.49 points. Colorado School of Mines team Over Developed came in second with 94.13 just edging out third place University of Maryland team String theory; at 94.06 points.

The Windward Studios Code War is one of the most challenging programming competitions in the world, composed of multiple teams from most of the top computer science schools in the world. It is held every year on Super Bowl Saturday.

The Code War, because of the challenge it presents, tends to bring in the top students from the top schools. It is a competition between the best of the best.

The programming problem is to write an AI for a game where the AIs from each team compete directly against the AIs from the other teams. Each team's program is competing directly against the other team's programs (10 at a time), where the actions of their AI can affect the other AIs and the other AIs can affect them.

Team NameSchoolScore
Yellow JacketsGeorgia Institute of Technology102.49
Over DevelopedColorado School of Mines94.31
String theory;University of Maryland College Park94.06
CU-Boulder 2011 Code War WinnerUniversity of Colorado - Boulder88.73
Mengye RenUniversity of Toronto87.79
Greedy SlobsFaculty of Engineering, Alexandria University87.35
CeleryPurdue University - West Lafayette79.85
Artificial InheritanceFaculty of Engineering, Alexandria University67.89
EngineersGeorgia Institute of Technology62.99
Стая лошадейPurdue University - West Lafayette51.11
The programming challenge in the Windward Studios Code War is purposely designed to be impossible to solve well in the allowed eight hours. Success requires a team that works well together, determines what functionality is critical, quickly writes code that is good enough, and can make decisions quickly based on limited knowledge. And then test and revise repeatedly.

The problem is purposely designed this way, because that same set of skills is what students will face in the start-up world. The teams that make it to the finals of the Code War are composed of students who will flourish in a start-up, which is why companies like HP & Microsoft are sponsors.

The contest also brings in a higher proportion of female participants than most programming competitions. It's a fun day that reinforces for all the students the incredible joy that comes from solving impossible problems (yes, that is one of the greatest joys in programming).

If you're a High School student going in to computer science - these are some amazing schools to consider. Especially if you want to work for a startup upon graduation. Definitely ask the schools you're considering if they participate as it shows if they have a strong sense of community.

If you do go to a school participating in the code war, sign up to compete. It will be one of the most intense, incredible, all out fun days you'll ever have. If you want to compete next year - get your school to sign up. Oh, and there are some cool prizes for the winners.