10/28/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Leadership by Contempt

I hope every independent voter watches the ad that the McCain campaign released even before the last radio waves of the debate escaped earth orbit:

So, McCain believes in crossing partisan lines, but when his opponent agrees with him, he takes it as a sign of weakness. Wow.

Obama could not be more clear or explicit about what he thinks leadership is and the way forward for this country: Find common ground, discuss the differences, take a step forward.

McCain thinks leadership is a wartime virtue. Face down the enemy. Stay firm. Don't give an inch.

But to lead a divided country, you need to be willing -- even eager -- to find what's right, worthy, and helpful in the positions of those with whom you disagree.

McCain couldn't even look at Obama, much less acknowledge the values they share as Americans.

Obama showed us last night what a leader looks like. McCain's confirmed that his frame is war and that he simply doesn't understand peace.