03/25/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Tribute to the Fallen Adam Carolla Show and a Modest Proposal

A truly great radio show - The Adam Carolla Show -- died on Friday.

I am a lifelong Howard Stern fan who stopped listening when I discovered that Sirrus considered my lifetime subscription to be for the lifetime of the cheap radio they sold me rather than my own lifetime. So a few years ago, I was pleasantly shocked and eternally thankful to discover a new morning show that I could truly love the way I had always loved the Stern show. I was somewhat familiar with Carolla, but soon realized that like Stern he is someone who managed to take some deeply personal issues and transform them into a profoundly funny on-air point of view that was all his own. With the help of his brilliantly witty and equally revealing co-host Teresa Strasser and the wonderfully dry Bryan Bishop, he created on the daily basis the sort of radio that made carpools and commutes an actual aural pleasure -- which was almost as much fun as it sounds.

Rather than just mourn this fallen show at great length, here's a modest proposal: In this truly shitty economy, I believe that time has come for the good people of the Huffington Post to start contacting advertisers the way that only right wing nutbags tend to do in order to let them know when we actually appreciate their support. If you love a radio or a TV show or a website, let somebody who's helping pay for that show know. We are entering a time when advertisers will be considering the value of the shows that they support as never before, so let's all use the power of the pen -- or more to the point, the MacBookPro -- to support shows and sites that fill our lives rather than just take up space.

Thanks so much Adam and company for all the ace work you've done -- and all you will do wherever you do it next.