01/07/2013 02:45 pm ET Updated Mar 09, 2013

'Celebrity:' A Playlist for the Premiere of $ellebrity

Tuesday night is our big Hollywood premiere for $ellebrity, an intriguing new feature documentary directed by Kevin Mazur about the price of fame today, and the way that the texture of celebrity has evolved -- or, it could be argued, de-evolved -- over time. As an executive producer of $ellebrity, I clearly hope that you see the film for which I interviewed Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Sheryl Crow, Elton John and Kid Rock, among others, about the good, the bad and the ugly of the fame game.

Perhaps my very favorite quote in the film about celebrity today comes from Kid Rock, who imagines the Second Coming in a way that still has me laughing. $ellebrity can be seen in many cities this week -- or on Video On Demand if it does not hit the proverbial Theater Near You. To see a little preview of our movie (complete with Kid Rock's comment!) or even (incoming hint buy tickets, please go to In the meantime, below find my playlist for $ellebrity, with some suggestions from the people who follow me at Why the hell would those nice people follow me? Because, I suppose, I am almost almost famous -- or something like it. As always, please add your own famous -- and infamous -- songs below.

"Celebrity" -- Brad Paisley @PamelaHeavenWV
"Celebrity Skin" -- Hole
"Fame" -- David Bowie
"A Star Is Bored" -- Paul Westerberg
"Paparazzi" -- Lady Gaga
"Baby, I'm A Star" -- Prince & The Revolution
"Shining Star" -- Earth, Wind & Fire
"Price of Fame" -- Michael Jackson
"My Life, Your Entertainment" -- T.I.
"Shooting Star" -- Harper Simon
"Big Star" -- The Jayhawks
"(I Never Wanted) To Be A Star" -- Cat Stevens
"Life's Been Good" -- Joe Walsh
"Life of Fame and Fortune" -- Sly Stone & Billy Preston
"Bullet With Butterfly Wings" -- Smashing Pumpkins
"Piece Of Me" -- Britney Spears
"Vultures" -- John Mayer
"Limelight" -- Rush
"After The Glitter Fades" -- Stevie Nicks @digmuzak
"Stars Are Crazy" -- Lindsey Buckingham
"Star Star" -- The Rolling Stones
"15 Minutes" -- Barry Manilow @RobiWBZ
"Stupefaction" -- Graham Parker
"This Year's Girl" -- Elvis Costello
"Sunday Papers" -- Joe Jackson
"Turn The Page" -- Bob Seger @bethnihemphill
"Vogue" -- Madonna
"Cover Of The Rolling Stone" -- Dr. Hook @VocalLizzy
"Everybody Is A Star" -- Sly & The Family Stone