10/23/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Help, My President Is Trying to Inspire My Children! A Parent's Desperate Series of Tweets

The following is a series of increasingly desperate tweets for help this parent was forced to make during this frightening Labor Day weekend:

Help, an employed Harvard graduate and family man is trying to inspire my children!

Officer, I think I just spotted a former community organizer loitering near my public school!

Police, hurry! I scared I'm about to witness an attempted act of leadership! What kind of evil monster wants to try and have a teachable moment right in front of innocent school child?

Run for your lives -- runaway official actually attempting to improve things! 
 Come right now -- I'm petrified that the leader of the free world wants to send my boys to health care reform school!

Please get here right away! If we let this thug try and inspire our kids, next thing you know he'll wanna dig us out of massive big hole created by a prior administration!

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