11/18/2008 10:36 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

If you Like my Blogging, You're Going to Love my Book Signing -- And Other Big Lies You Can Come Hear Me Say Up Close and Personal at Book Soup

I've come to know at least a few of you out there digitally at Huffington Post, and that's a good thing for you. Trust me, as my lovely wife could confirm, I look a whole lot better when I'm not there. But it just struck me that this Wednesday night at 7PM, I am "presenting" and "signing" my brand new book He Is . . . I Say: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Neil Diamond at Book Soup on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, and I wanted to invite you, my faux family at Huffington Post to come meet me for free and - God willing - pay full retail for my latest tome. This much I promise: We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll sing, and God willing, there will almost certainly be more Jews in the crowd than for my recent singing in Nashville. That very nice profile in The Jewish Journal should help here.

If you haven't ever done a book singing, let me tell you, it's a scary proposition. Even people with actual fan bases have encountered low turn-out at times, so imagine what it's like for me. Still, more often than not, actual human beings do turn up -- true testament to the fact that even in the age of this non-gilded Huffington Post Age, we still yearn for some semblance of old school human contact. At Book Soup, I'm free -- no drinks, no cover, no pricey lap dances -- making me the perfect Wednesday entertainment choice for our Great Depression.

So please if you've got nothing better to do, why not make my own Great Depression just a little happier -- and if you like what you hear, then maybe a little bit more green too? If not, buy the book in the comfort of your own home and stay new school.

Together, we elected a young and gifted President who is already making history. Let's not stop there, my fellow Americans. Now, at long last, let's all show the world that a short, balding Jew can really make it in pop culture.

Yes, we can.