Ray Romano and the Citizen Kane of Neurotic Comic Road Movies

When you know a lot famous people -- as I do to an obnoxious degree due to my professional life and need for constant celebrity validation -- the most common question you get besides, "Can you get me free tickets?" is this: "What's so-and-so REALLY like"?" Frankly, this can be a fairly difficult query, especially if the person asking the question won't get any more specific than just saying "so-and-so"?

Well, Virginia, if you want to know what it's like to hang out on the road with a so-and-so like Ray Romano -- a great comedian everybody loves and excellent man of a certain age who I've had the pleasure of knowing for many years now -- then you just have to get 95 Miles to Go, a witty, wise, revealing, charming, fascinating, funny, fantastic documentary wonderfully directed by my friend -- and Ray's buddy -- Tom Caltabiano that just finally came out on DVD. Hey, what's a really long list of positive adjectives between friends?

The film that many of you may have caught over the years at film festivals or on an exclusive HBO engagement vividly captures Ray and Tom experiencing their own distinctive human comedy as they hit the road to make comedy in the early 21st century. Like the cover says, "1000 Miles. 8 Days. 7 Cities. 2 Friends. 1 Car. Never Again." Played out to a memorable score by composer Adam Gorgoni -- also guilty of being my friend -- the action in 95 Miles to Go is intimate and, based on my own time spent with these two wise-asses, very true to their life.

95 Miles to Go is quite simply the Citizen Kane of neurotic comic road movies -- and now for the long-worried-over DVD edition, my friend the auteur Tom Caltabiano has upped the ante considerably by adding in over two hours of the sort of never-before-seen deluxe extras that you're used to getting on Criterion editions of foreign movies you had to see in college to impress women. Best of all is an entire Kansas City show that allows the viewer to experience a fine example of Ray and Tom doing what they do onstage when they're not in a car bitching at one another.

Hey, I'm not here to hype 95 Miles to Go -- OK, maybe I am -- but if you want to know a lot more about the inner game of the funny business -- or just spend a few happy if slightly troubled hours with hilarious comedians who have far more issues than you do -- then buy this DVD already.

Please add your own comments below and tell me why you love Raymond.