03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

"The Way Young Lovers Do": A Playlist for Van the Man, a New Dad Again at 64

When I was last interviewed Van Morrison for Rolling Stone in 2008 -- something I've been privileged to do a number of times over the years -- I asked him why he was performing his classic album Astral Weeks in concert so many years later, Van noted quite correctly that "the songs are timeless." Apparently, Van's songs are not the only things that are timeless. At age 64, Van the Man became a father again today with a baby boy named George Ivan Morrison III -- also known as Little Van -- and I say congratulations to this very much living musical legend and the baby's mother Gigi Lee, who's been managing Van's career of late and doing a pretty great job of it, too.

As a mere fortysomething dad myself, my very best wishes are with Van and his newly extended soul clan tonight. I've had the pleasure of hearing Van sing with his lovely daughter Shana, who's 39, and here's hoping we all get to hear the two Vans sing together one day. Since his dad's music has gotten me through many days and nights in my life, here's a special birthday playlist for Little Van to help him into his father's sublime music and some of the enduring influences who help make Van the Man in the first place.

"The Way Young Lovers Do" by Van Morrison
"Bright Side Of The Road" by Van Morrison
"Sweet Thing" by Van Morrison
"Steal My Heart Away" by Van Morrison
"Celtic New Year" by Van Morrison
"Heavy Connection" by Van Morrison
"Warm Love" by Van Morrison
"Mystic Eyes" by Them
"In The Garden" by Van Morrison
"Hungry For Your Love" by Van Morrison
"I Forgot That Love Existed" by Van Morrison
"Crazy Love" by Van Morrison
"Brand New Day" by Van Morrison
"Real Real Gone" by Van Morrison
"Hallelujah, I Love Her So" by Ray Charles
"Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Ray Charles and Betty Carter
"Little Boy Blue" by Bobby "Blue" Bland
"Turn On Your Lovelight" by Bobby "Blue" Bland
"Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" by Solomon Burke
"Cry To Me" by Solomon Burke
"I Found A Love - Part 1" by Wilson Pickett
"I'm In Love" - Wilson Pickett
"Baby Stop Crying" by Bob Dylan
"Forever Young" by Bob Dylan

Okay, kids, what songs would you play Little Van, or Big Van for that matter?