05/16/2014 04:15 pm ET Updated Jul 16, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Watch Sunday's "2014 Billboard Music Awards"

I'm in Las Vegas -- hey, I'm working! -- so let me take just a moment to share with you my Top 10 Reasons To Watch Sunday's "2014 Billboard Music Awards" which I am helping write the script for right now. After all, this is a clearly show where it makes tremendous sense to deal with a Top Ten. To chart how accurate I am, please tune in Sunday night on ABC.

  1. I cannot tell you about the thrilling Michael Jackson experience you can see for yourself on Sunday, but you would have to be off the wall to miss it.
  2. Two of my favorite women in music -- Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert -- will debut their duet "Something Bad" on the show, and that is paradoxically, something good.
  3. Jason Derulo may very well "Talk Dirty." Hey, it's Vegas, anyone might talk dirty.
  4. Solange Knowles is not currently booked to perform on our show, so they elevators at the MGM Grand should be warm and welcoming.
  5. Lorde is going to perform, and that is generally a religious experience.
  6. Ariana Grande is on the show with Iggy Azalea. Just imagine John Travolta attempting that intro.
  7. Breakout rock sensations Imagine Dragons will perform on the show. They live in Las Vegas, so imagine the fuel savings.
  8. Miley Cyrus is going to sing a song you will not expect. It shall be Fab.
  9. Jennifer Lopez will become the first woman to ever receive Billboard's Icon Award. And see what she wears doing it.
  10. Ludacris is hosting the show. So the 2014 Billboard Music Awards should definitely be fast and furious. Enjoy the ride.